Using Wet Tile Saw

Tile saws are made for a specific purpose. For instance, wet tile saws are only to be used for a certain type of tile.

Cutting thick tiles are made so much easier when you use a wet tile saw. More intense made tiles include porcelain tiles and other stone tiles. A wet tile saw is needed to efficiently cut through the thick tile surface, making the cut edges smooth and even. Large tiles that go more than 30 inches square wide are perfect for wet tile saw because these tile saws can make a straight cut through the tile.

There are tiles made of special materials like glasses that are very delicate. When cutting these kinds of tiles, immense care is needed not to crush or damage the tiles. This is when a wet tile saw with a diamond-crusted blade is needed. These tools can cut through the glass without damaging the edges and can run perfectly smooth straight cuts.

Cutting tiles are not only done in a straight line. There are tiles that need to be cut in irregular shape and curves. These angles and notches should be cut with accuracy. A wet tile saw has the ability to do specialty cuts with precision. To do this, a cut “teeth” is done into the tile. Remove the cut using a nipper. Nippers will leave a rough edge on the tile. Use the wet tile saw to smooth the edges along the curve.

The benefits of using wet tile saw is cooling system installed in the machine and the blades’ ability to quickly and smoothly cut for straight and curved tile shapes without producing too much dust and fragments. They are perfect for a faster and effortless tile floor renovating project.

How Does Electric Tile Saws Work?

Electric tile saws are the most convenient type of tile saw because they are made with user friendly functions. They are also durable and tough to use against harder and bigger tiles. These tools are also able to make more accurate tile cuts compared to other tile saws.

Electric wet saws are great when you plan to cut different shapes and curves, as well as special tile patterns. This is because wet tile saws produce lesser dusts and fragments, thus making the cutting easier and smoother. Electric wet saws are made with reservoir pans. These pans are placed below the saw blades. The purpose of these pans is to wet the tile as you cut through it, flowing over the blade and the tile itself. Cutting is made easier because of the wet tile.

Other tile saws tend to overheat, but not the electric wet saws. The additional function of the reservoir pans is to cool down the machines itself, thus a decreased rate of overheating. Before starting to cut the tiles, make sure you had the water flow over the blade. The pan should always be filled with clean water. As you go on cutting tiles, the water becomes dirty and unclear. That is your cue to refill the pan with clean water.

Electric tile saw also have a unique feature where you can remove and change the type of blades that you want to use for a particular tile. There are all-purpose blades and diamond blades.

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