Radio Flyer Wagons Reviews

Since its inception in 1923, Radio Flyer Wagons have become an American classic.  It was first made by Antonio Pasin, an immigrant from Italy, who made his wagon out of wood.  When he started producing the all steel wagon for mass consumption, he called it Radio Flyer, as a tribute to his love of radio and airplanes.  Pasin borrowed the Ford Motor’s technology in making their own production line to be the first to mass produce children’s toy wagons.

Pasin’s company was named Radio Steel & Manufacturing Company of Chicago. Since it first produced the wagon, it made other steel products, but radio flyer wagon was its only success and had keep the company afloat during the great depression when others went bankrupt.  The company has been renamed Radio Flyer and still produces different toy wagons and accessories but the Red Flyer Wagon is the most iconic and the preferred choice for customers.

Having radio flyer wagons is great fun for kids, and this something that they can enjoy with their parents.  Many children dislike being strapped in a stroller when taken out for a walk by their parents and these wagons overcome this problem.  Kids just love being able to sit on the wagon and pretend it is just another game.  It’s an additional bonus that they can actually pull it along themselves and put toys on it when they want to.

Radio Flyer 32S All-terrain Wagon is one of the best radio flyer wagon.  Its body is made of seamless steel and the sides are made of solid wood, making it tough, sturdy and sleek.  The high sides make it safer for smaller kids to get in and out while the parents are pulling it, therefore keeping them safely enclosed and giving the parents more time to react if the kids stand up and try to come out.  It also has a folding handle making it easy to store.

However, the best feature of this beach wagon for kids is its fat 3 inches wide, 11 inches high pneumatic tires.  Its big tires allow this radio flyer wagon to tackle rugged terrain as easily as gravel path.  It is easy to pull along hills and it turns round corners smoothly without tipping over.  Its 16 inches x 34 inches bed provides plenty of room for two siblings to sit down comfortably and a bag or two of groceries.  What’s more, it does not only take kids, it can take a lot of top soil for the garden or bricks and other heavy objects that you need to move from one place to the other.

Radio Flier 32 S All – Terrain has won the National Parenting Publication Award and Early Childhood News Director’s Choice Award.  Radio Flyer Wagons are simply the best!

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