Well, blog update first.

I’m afraid this blog has been hacked several times in the past year, resulting in the loss of quite a few posts. It’s a shame, as they were “fun” posts, mostly about our 2011 trip to the US and Canada. The hacking was political and I can only assume there will be repeated attempts occasionally. I guess my domain name is just too tempting for Hamas/Hizbulla supporters.

Looking forward now. And there’s a lot to look forward to! Those who know us in real life may already know this, but we’re about to embark on our next big road trip in May! We enjoyed the last trip so much, we are eager for more! Actually, we hadn’t plan on going on another long trip so soon, but life happened and circumstances which I won’t go into here meant we get another rare opportunity to leave for a few months.

Our last trip was five and a half months long. It covered mostly the western US & Canada, and then a hop over to the eastern side and back. Our route went something like this –

San Francisco > Yosemite > Monterey > LA > the Grand Canyon > Colorado > South Dakota > Yellowstone > Glacier NP > the Canadian Rockies > Vancouver > Seattle > Olympic NP > the Oregon coast > SF (again) > Kentucky > Smokey Mountains NP > Louisiana > Texas > New Mexico > Utah > California

My kids’ Jr badges collection is pretty impressive, I know. You can also get a glimpse of some of the places we visited in this album.

And so, come May 23rd, we’ll be hitting the road once again. I’ll be dedicating a separate post to our itinerary soon.


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