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International Roads Survey

Back to my thoughts about Israel vs. the rest of the world… Let’s talk about roads – cars and drivers are a worthy topic as well, which I will blog about another time. Infrastructure is perhaps the easiest thing to … Continue reading

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Home Again!

We’re finally back home! Arrived from London a few hours ago. My apologies for not updating this blog for the past couple of weeks. The reasons were purely technical – the hotel where we stayed after Vegas had no connection … Continue reading

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Geography Lessons

We’re getting ready to the big trip next month! I am actually writing an online guide in Hebrew about San Diego (סן דייגו למטייל) and so looking forward to seeing everything for real. While we’re not a homeschooling family, we … Continue reading

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ESL for the Kids

In preparation for our big trip to the US, we decided it was time for our two boys to start learning English. The kids are pretty excited about this, and looking forward to the lessons. Yesterday, we started by learning … Continue reading

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