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Using Public Transportation in Israel

I often get questions from people about traveling in Israel. A common question is about using public transportation, buses and trains while touring Israel. The answer, as always with this country, is complicated. Let’s start on a positive note: Yes, you … Continue reading

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Ein Avdat National Park in Israel

Having posted my 100 Places to Visit in Israel page, I decided to follow it up with occasional “spotlight” posts, sharing some information about each place, personal impressions and pictures from our visits. I’ll start with one of the places we … Continue reading

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Visiting Jerusalem – Pictures from Gethsemane (Gat Shemanim)

Spent a lovely day in Jerusalem yesterday. I have lots of pictures and stories to share, and not a lot of time, so I think I’ll split this into more than one post. We traveled with a group of senior … Continue reading

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Thoughts About the World

It’s almost one week since our return to the Holy Land. With Independence Day behind us too, I look forward to a few weeks of blissful holiday-free routine. It might be the post-holiday reaction here, but I am trying to … Continue reading

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Pictures from Our Trip

I regret to say that our camera was not quite what we had hoped for. Next time, we’ll be investing in a much better camera, as this one managed to get maybe one in five pictures right and even then, … Continue reading

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Home Again!

We’re finally back home! Arrived from London a few hours ago. My apologies for not updating this blog for the past couple of weeks. The reasons were purely technical – the hotel where we stayed after Vegas had no connection … Continue reading

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Travel Plans Update

As some may recall, last year I got busy planning a big trip to the US in Spring 2009. Then, with the recession and some financial losses, we decided to cancel. Well, nothing like a war to get you in … Continue reading

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Visiting Acre (Akko) – More Pictures

This is going to be a bit of a funny post and I don’t mean haha funny. It’s about family, holidays, and traveling. But it’s also about politics. If you don’t feel like doing a lot of reading, just scroll … Continue reading

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