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Israel’s Hens Need Your Help Now

We need your help – whether you’re an Israeli or a supporter of Israel. Actually, even if you’re neither. If you just care about animal welfare, it’s all I am looking for today. The Problem: Israel About to Spend Half … Continue reading

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Driving in Israel

April 2009. Our first visit to the US and we’re driving through the streets of suburban Tuscon, Arizona. Morning time, almost no traffic, lanes so wide you’re not sure if you’re going forward or sideways, and our GPS is making … Continue reading

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Knitting and Crocheting – Winter, where art thou?

So, about three weeks ago, we’ve had some early rain. The whole country was celebrating and I got into a nice winter mood and pulled out my piles of wool and knitting gear. Since then, we’ve been going through two … Continue reading

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What Zionism REALLY Is

I became involved in some interesting “debates” on Twitter lately regarding Israel and Zionism. Quite a few people were outraged by my claim that the extreme-right in Israel (and their supporters abroad) are, de facto, acting against the best interests … Continue reading

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The Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Glenn Strachan mentioned an article in his facebook page today about a rather sensitive topic: the use, or abuse of the holocaust within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Palestinians’ Plight, Holocaust Are Not Analogous I began commenting back, but … Continue reading

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A Weapon of Mass Fornication

I’m in a good mood this morning. Just got back from my first workout as a 37 year old woman – so Happy Birthday to me! Going over the headlines, this one caught my eye: Hamas: Israel distributes libido-increasing gum … Continue reading

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Sneeze and Cough into Your Elbow, Please!

My mother always told me to cover my mouth with my hand when sneezing or coughing. Like most Israelis, I never carry a hankerchief, so not coughing or sneezing right into someone else’s face, kinda made sense. Yesterday, I was … Continue reading

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How I Saw Michael Jackson in Person in the IDF

As the world mourns the death of Michael Jackson, I think this might be a good time to share my own personal encounter with the legendary pop idol. This surreal encounter took place in an IDF base, of all places. … Continue reading

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Tails of the Gay Pride Parade

Not a typo, actually. We went to Tel Aviv this evening, but it was after the pride parade has pretty much run its course, so we just got to see a few “tails”. We actually ventured out to the local … Continue reading

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International Roads Survey

Back to my thoughts about Israel vs. the rest of the world… Let’s talk about roads – cars and drivers are a worthy topic as well, which I will blog about another time. Infrastructure is perhaps the easiest thing to … Continue reading

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