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The Tale of the CatRat in the IDF Base

Looking at my title, it looks like some sophisticated moralistic fantasy tale is coming… but this is actually really is just a simple story that really did happen to me aeons ago, back when I was an officer in active … Continue reading

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The Israeli-Palestinian Game of Soccer

When I was growing up and we only had one non-commercial┬áTV channel in Israel, we used to fantasize about commercials. We used to envy those lucky people living abroad who get to see those fun mini-clips, all glossy and depicting … Continue reading

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Peace Activists Picnic Yesterday

Ok, heading for a political overdose, I can see that. Two posts at the same day and both political… Help! Actually, this one is kind of news reporting too. Israeli peace activist known online as IbnEzra posted on Twitter yesterday … Continue reading

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How I Saw Michael Jackson in Person in the IDF

As the world mourns the death of Michael Jackson, I think this might be a good time to share my own personal encounter with the legendary pop idol. This surreal encounter took place in an IDF base, of all places. … Continue reading

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