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Who Won the Elections in Israel?

I get asked this very question online all the time these past few days. Everyone is sure that Tzipi Livni has won, but then why do so many Israelis believe that Netanyahu will be the next Prime Minister of Israel? … Continue reading

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Who to Vote For – The Kids Know

We were waiting in the car today, for one of Ron’s after school lessons, when the boys began talking about the up and coming elections tomorrow. They were worried that they still hadn’t made up their minds about who to … Continue reading

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Elections in Israel on Tuesday

And I still don’t know who to vote for… Pretty confusing this year, for me. I like Tzipi Livin, but that’s mostly my feminist bias there. In terms of pure ideaology, I should vote for Meretz, but is that vote … Continue reading

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The Black Revival of Shas?

Listening to the morning news just now, they mentioned that the Israeli political party of Shas has officially launched its elections campaign under the slogan of, how original, “Yes, we can!” Hilarious, really. Shas is the only political party in … Continue reading

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