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Cars and Driving in the US

Picking up on my list of differences between America and Israel. Last time I discussed roads infrastructure, so only makes sense to talk about the cars and the drivers today. So, yeah, everyone knows by now that American cars are … Continue reading

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USA Idiosyncrasies

Can countries have idiosyncrasies? Well, not sure about the word, but I wanted to elaborate some more about things which I found to be different in the US, compared to Israel. I am going to follow the points I jotted … Continue reading

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So, Shifra Cornfeld (the Dead Friedmans) Won

The first season of Big Brother in Israel ended last night. This show was by far the most popular in Israel. Highest viewing rating on Israeli TV. Ever. In a sense, what made this show such a huge hit and … Continue reading

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Booblil and the Israeli-Arab Conflict – Big Brother Thoughts

It’s embarassing to admit, but I too got addicted. What is it about 16 people locked up in a villa for 100 days? When it was launched, I simply ignored the Israeli version of “Big Brother”. I figured it was … Continue reading

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You don’t mess with Israelis

At least not the ones called “Zohan”, which is really easy considering it’s not a real name in Hebrew and I have never heard of any Israeli called Zohan. Just got back home from “You don’t mess with the Zohan”, … Continue reading

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