Hannuka Pictures and our Hannuka Guests

The week long holiday is upon us, so not a lot of time to post, but I did want to quickly share some Hannuka pictures from a couple of days ago, and pictures of our two little guests for the holiday too.

First Evening of Hannuka we lit the candles at home, but as you can see from Dan’s face, it was late and the boys were tired. It’s only one candle, mind, the taller candle is the one you is the one you use to light the other candles with, so it doesn’t count.

Second evening of Hannuka.  The school Hanuka party,  so we joined in the communal “service”. IsraeliDad, Ron, Dan and their friend Yoel were the ones to light the candle and perform the blessing:

Since school is off for a week, we were assigned as the official hamster guardians!

We received two hamsters in one cage, but I could see right away that this was not a good setup for them. I suspect they’re both males (either that or both are females, as no pregnancies have been recorded). One of the little guys was bullying the other, running him down, chasing him around the cage and actually biting him (we discovered the bite marks later).

So, on the very same day, I rushed out to the pet shop and got a second cage and separated the two guys. They came to use nameless, so my son christened or rather Jewed them as Ogri and Ogroni (Ogger is the Hebrew word for Hamster).

They are feeling so much better since they’ve been separated. We also cleaned the old cage, got them new quality bedding and best of all, switched them over to gourmet hamster food. Bought them special extra-quality hamster food that costs six times as much as the old stuff they were given. I tried to switch them over gradually, feeding them both kinds at first, but they went nuts over the new stuff, and wouldn’t touch anything else.

They are so friendly and eager to play. We take turns to get them out of the cage for supervised playtime and they love it. I even made them a special playground, where I put stones, dried leaves and stuff, and some cardboard pipes. We get them into that (they can’t get out, it’s in a large plastic crate) and hide their yummy food in between the leaves and rocks. They seem to absolutely love the foraging in there, filling up their cheek pouches. When they’re done, it’s back to the cage, where they deposit everything in small piles inside their “houses”. Ok, so I can talk about animals for hours. Sue me. Or just enjoy the pictures:

Ogri, the friendlier guy (and bully):

And Ogroni, rescued from Ogri and now enjoying his new life in his own cage (seen in the playground here):

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2 Responses to Hannuka Pictures and our Hannuka Guests

  1. How delightful! Those hamsters are very lucky:) I wonder what the school will say when they return?

  2. Israeli Mom says:

    They went back to school yesterday! The holiday is finally over here. I was so proud when the teachers commented on how the hamsters seem to have actually grown while they were here lol. They were also surprised to see that the hamsters are relaxed now and can actually be handled by the kids without biting.