100 Places to Visit in Israel

Trying to make an inclusive list of the places I enjoy visiting in Israel. I already have a list of top cities to visit here, but this would be something different, just a list of tourist attractions, free and paid that I think are worth a visit here.

This is a NON-INCLUSIVE list. There are more places to see, obviously and this list reflects my own personal preferences. In fact, many of the “classical” attractions are missing from this list. I am sure you can find them elsewhere on the net.

I’ve included links to the official websites in English – where available. I plan on writing my own reviews too later on.

There are only 75 items for now – stay tuned for more until I reach my 100 places goal. If you’d like to suggest a place, just post a comment to this page.


1. Amud Stream Nature Reserve, upper Galilee Website

2. Banias Nature Reserve, upper Galilee  Website

3. Arbel Cliffs National Park and Nature Reserve, upper Galilee  Website

4. [[Hula Nature Reserve]], upper Galilee.

5. Tel Dan Nature Reserve, upper Galilee  Website

6. The Meshushim Pool in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve, Golan Heights  Website

7. The Majrasse wet trail, Galilee Website

8. Apollonia’s crusader’s castle on the cliff tops above the beach – Website

9. Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve Website

10. En Gedi Nature Reserve Website

11. Coral Beach Nature Reserve Website

12. Makhtesh Ramon Website

13. Timna Park, near Eilat Website

14. Rosh Ha’Nikra Grottoes Website

15. Mt. Carmel Hiking Website

Animals (Zoos etc)

16. Safari Zoological Park, near Tel Aviv Website

17. Gan Guru Australian Park, near Beit She’an

18. Undersea Observatory, Eilat Website

19. Dolphins Reef, Eilat Website

20. Hai Bar Carmel Website

21. Hai-Bar Yotvata Website

22. Biblical Zoo, Jerusalem Website


23. Ramat Ha’Nadiv, Zikhron Ya’akov Website

24. Bahai Gardens, Haifa Website

25. Utopia’s Orchids Park, near Tel Aviv Website

26. The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Website


27. Beit Hatefutzot Website

28. Eretz Israel Museum Website

29. Palmach Museum Website

30. Sarah Aharonson’s House Website

31. The Tower of David, Jerusalem Website

32. Cesarea Harbor (and more), Keyssaria Website

33. Beit Guvrin caves Website

34. Masada National Park, near the Dead Sea Website

35.  Avdat National Park, Negev Website

36. Bet She’an National Park Website

37. Bet She‘arim National Park Website

38. The Ayalon Institute, near Rehovot

39. Pre-historical caves in Nahal Me’arot

40. Wall and Tower museum, near Beit She’an

41. Atlit Detainee Camp, near Haifa

42. The Old Courtyard, Kibbuzt Ein Shemer Website

43. Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum, Haifa Website

44. Mamshit Park website

45. Nimrod Fortress (Kalat Namrud), Upper Galilee website

46. Apollonia National Park Website

47. The Templars’ Tunnel, Akre (Akko) Website

48. Knights Halls, Akre (Akko) Website


49. Ralley Museum, Ceasaria

50. Yossi Lugassi’s Mosaics, Jaffa (you have to call in advance: 03-6820753)

51. Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv website

52. Tefen industrial area open museum Website

53. The Israeli Museum of Caricature and Comics Website


54. Israeli Air Force Museum, near Be’er Sheva

55. The Science Museum, Jerusalem Website

56. The IDF Armor Corps Museum, near Jerusalem

57. Nature Museum, Jerusalem Website

58. Israel Children’s Museum, Holon (near Tel Aviv) Website

59. The Israel Museum Website

60. Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem Website

61. Joe Allon’s museum of Bedouin heritage life, Negev website


62. Bental Observation point and Bunker, Golan Heights

63. Mey Kedem, near Haifa

64. Manara Cliff, Upper Galilee

65. The Magic of the Golan, Katzrin, Golan Heights

66. Ein Hod Artists village, near Haifa Website

67. The Sahne pool (great for swimming) aka Gan Hashlosha National Park Website

68. The Haifa cable cars, Haifa

69. Old Jaffa, Jaffa-Tel Aviv website

70. Azrieli building observatory + 3D show, Tel Aviv

71. Neot Kedumim – The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel Website

72. Dead Sea beaches website

73. Netanya promenade and beaches website

74. Nazareth Village website

75. Hamat Gader Website

Amud Stream Nature Reserve

3 Responses to 100 Places to Visit in Israel

  1. Hanan Cohen says:

    Thanks for recommending the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. We really appreciate it.

  2. justdoodleit says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of sightseeing sights for a small country. Shalom from India!

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