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Living in Israel, IsraeliDad and I always take great pleasure showing the country to guests. We often travel across the country, with visitors or with the kids, so I figured I may share some tips and ideas on these pages. If you’re planning a visit to Israel, I hope you find my travel pages useful! Do please leave comments and let me know what you think.
Israel is a small country. While planning our own family road trip in America, I realized how small it must seem to anyone coming from the States. The CIA Factbook is a great resource for making these comparisons and according to them: Israel is “slightly smaller than New Jersey”. So, renting a car and traveling is really easy.

For now, I want to cover topics such as: Top cities to visit, top geological attractions, best nature reserves etc. Maybe some general tips or safety issues. If there’s anything you think might be of interest to you, just add a comment here and I’ll add it the list.
Last, but not least, thing to mention. If you do come over, drop me a line. We love meeting new people from other countries!

Pages in this section:

100 Places to Visit in Israel

Top Cities and Towns to Visit While in Israel

Top Animal-Themed Attractions

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  1. Ana says:

    Thanks for the advice you given.It’s articulate and supportive at the same time.I can feel the hospitality attitude deep within.

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