November Post Roundup

from-the-archivesHey, it’s the end of the month! I decided to make a roundup post of all the posts I made across my several blogs this month. Hopefully, if you don’t know my other blogs, you’ll find something here you may like! Do visit these and leave me comments here, or on the other blogs. Thank you! Blog

On the feline front, other than mentioning our new article: Advice for Senior Cat Owners on, I also blogged about the mix-up between a cat and Margaret Thatcher and the sad story of Panda the kitten in Cats in China.

Cats Go Shopping

On a lighter, and more commercial tone, I promoted some new products on November started not so excitedly there with oral hygiene covered in Feline Toothpaste? I’ll Have The Beef Flavor Please! The next item featured on Let The Cats Hop And The Neighbors’ Jaws Drop was far more glitzy and, well, purple!

Cat toys are always fun to cover, and they make me wish my cats could test the products. The Door Teaser For Cats was no exception to that rule. I’m not sure the next item covered on that blog was something Israeli cats can test though. It just never gets cold enough here for the Heated Cat Bed – The Therapeutic Infrared Version.

Gifts for Kids Blog

My Gifts for Kids blog is picking up traffic again as ’tis the season to be shopping (or so I hear). I love tracking the Amazon bestsellers list, and so opened November with the Three Most Popular Gifts For Kids In 2009. See if you can guess what they are before clicking 😉 The middle of November was dedicated to revamping this blog’s design, and other than a short announcement here and there, it was pretty quiet, ending with a nice long post about Personalized Gifts For Kids reviewing a special online shop – Happy Kids – that specializes in just that. They offer a mind boggling selection of personalized gifts and several are covered in the post I made.

I really enjoyed starting a brand new blog on a domain I’ve had for several years now: (try making it sound like Be Success when you pronounce that, will ya?) As I announced in the very first post there, it’s just another webmasters blog; a place for me to discuss blogging, SEO, social media and all the other buzz words that rule the life of us web publishers.

The first topic I addressed was that of Dofollow links on blog comments, followed (no pun intended) by a post about How to Find Dofollow Blogs. Link building was also behind the next post in which I questioned whether Building Backlinks from Free Hosted Pages is Worth the Time Invested in it. An entirely different link building idea was also discussed later in the post titled Backlinks from WordPress Themes. While mulling over the WordPress themes issue, I also had a look at automatic theme generators and provided my input about that in WordPress Theme Generators.

It wasn’t all about link building and SEO though! I may not have been one of the first ones to sign up with Twitter when it launched, but I think I’ve been using it long enough to write a Twitter Do and Don’t List for Webmasters trying to promote their sites on Twitter.

Google, with its various tentacles was also quite the theme this month. One post addressed the effects of Caffeine – that’s the name of an up and coming Google revision of their search algorithm – not just the yummy dark drink. A Google wave invites post was where I offered to send people invites (I still have a bunch, so let me know if you need one).  In an unrelated post, I discussed Google Chrome Add-ons and why Chrome is now my browser of choice.

November on B6S ended with a short list about… lists! Hopefully, bloggers of all niches will find my post: Lists on Your Blog – Five Things to Consider useful.

Israeli Mom Blog

Oh, in case you missed them, there was a bunch of new posts right here on Israeli Mom! Animals were quite the theme as I soon found out by my blog wordling image. Strange Animal Encounters with pictures of sweet water crabs was followed by the somewhat bizarre Tale of the CatRat in the IDF Base.

Perhaps effected by twitter discussions, Judaism was another prominent topic this month with a short post about Kabbalah witchcraft online ads (and yes, I know, it’s not exactly religion… call it folklore, if you like) and a longer (more profound?) post about my Jewish neuroses.

On a much much lighter note, I did two long and fun posts about Big Brother Israel. At least they were fun for me to write, as I provided detailed descriptions of this season’s participants in two posts: Big Brother Israel – The Women and Big Brother Israel – The Men. When they ask me someday about my moments of glory in online journalism, I’ll have to mention my prediction that Daleet will be voted off Big Brother – which was fulfilled the very next day.

Another fun post to write was 11 Things Twitter is Good For. Funny thing is, it more or less coincided with thanksgiving, and could have easily have been formatted as a thanksgiving post. I only realized that when I did some searching online a couple of days after publishing the post, only to see there were a bunch of “Things I’m grateful for about Twitter” posts across the web.

Fitness Notes

Last, but not least, I decided to pick up writing on my Fitness Blog. For the past few months I focused on product reviews on that site – all done by a great write and personal friend. Now that I’m back to “running”, I decided to pick up blogging there, starting with Me? Running? (Again?)

I plan on adding more posts, both about my own personal progress and things I learn about fitness, and I still have a lot of work to do on the blog design, but hey, I’m off to the races!


Wow, I guess I have been keeping busy. Didn’t know I managed to write so much this month! And you can blame Extreme John for inspiring me to do a round-up of my posts this month. He’s a much more prolific write than I’ll ever be, and has some great ideas and blogging tips on his blog.

Hope you’ll take the time to visit some of the posts mentioned here and please do leave me comments – here and/or on the other blogs – thank you!

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