Stop the Hatred – It’s Killing Us

Once again, I see the same dynamics in action.

An Israeli posting something negative, but true, about Israel. It could be criticism of the government’s policies in the West Bank, about soldiers mistreating Palestinians at checkpoints, or about some cab driver making a racist comment against Arabs. Things that happens in Israel, unfortunately on a daily basis, and deserve to be condemned.

Then come the responses from anti-Israelis, building up on this and making the exchange into another “Zionism is evil” chant.

“A racist cab driver? why, didn’t you know? All Israelis are evil racists.”

“Soldiers mistreated a Palestinian? Well, what did you expect? They are monsters in uniform, these Zionist soldiers.”

I am so sick and tired of this.

Of course Israel has issues. Big ones. Yes, there is hatred and racism. Way too much of it  – not that I know of a quantity that is “within limits”, but obviously these people feel other countries are within those limits.

Here’s the deal –

1. Societies are made of people and many people are bigoted and prejudiced.

2. Societies at war tend to become more extreme.

It’s not like Arabs or Palestinians are all Ghandi’s either. Oh wait, I forgot, I am not allowed to use this argument – it’s evading the core issue, that Israelis are all evil. I think I’m also not allowed to mention that there is a lot of racism in France or the US, right? Ok,  my apologies, I won’t. I know, perspective is bad as it distracts us from what should be the conclusion here, that Israel is evil. Sorry!


Criticism of Israeli government and society is a good thing. Turning these online debates into a feast of demonizing Israel and Israelis is a horrible thing.

It’s horrible when done in the other direction as well. You criticize some aspect of Palestinian policies or actions, and Jewish right-wingers are quick to nod, and join in with “well, what did you expect? they’re Arabs, don’t you know it’s a violent blood-thirsty culture?”

Same thing, folks.

Now, here why this is so upsetting to me.

You keep stressing on the negatives, painting a black and white picture (doesn’t even matter which side is the black and which the white), and you contribute towards more hatred and eventually more bloodshed.

Like it or not, there ARE two people living here on this tiny piece of the earth. Like it or not, both people will go on living here for the foreseeable future. Encourage, or even allow, the  hatred and you contribute towards more war and bloodshed.

And the blood shed is going to be mine and my children’s. Yours too, if you live here.

To clarify –

A critical view of both Arabs and Israelis, by all means, is more than welcome. The many dark corners need to be lit so we can fight racism and hatred. Constructive criticism is even better, if you can maybe suggest how to make things better, but it’s ok if you can’t – reporting bad things IS crucial.

Just please please stop with the hate orgies. Please enough with the “ALL” and the tarnishing of entire peoples and societies with one tarred brush. Not only is it not helping anyone – it’s hurting us.

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7 Responses to Stop the Hatred – It’s Killing Us

  1. Steve says:

    Annette – The hatred is a visceral satisfaction to some people. It literally gets them through the day. I see it in America, perhaps (and only perhaps) at a lower level. It’s fashionable because the world is so utterly confusing, no politicians seem to be worth a crap and we people sit around wondering where all this will go. Humans don’t handle uncertainty very well is the bottom line. I could go on all day about the two real culprits in this drama – both Israel and Hamas/Palestine. And it could be productive if someone either added to the knowledge base or even if they proposed a semblance of optimism about seeing the parties involved working through all this madness.

    One thing is for sure – the utter lack of imagination and the culture of victimization is gross to watch. Real gross. These are adults? Being someone who prefers rational problem-solving makes you somehow unbelievably “out of the loop”. That hatred begets hatred – like adding gas to a fire – incredibly escapes the enablers and purveyors of hate. That’s frankly just plain weak.

    be an adult – haters – work on solutions, not whining.

  2. Budd Cohen says:

    Anne; After years of posting why it was wrong for those who support Israel, especially Jew to write any kind of criticism of Israel publicly, Your writing “Stop he hatered It is Killing us” was a variation of what i have been saying for years. Israel is not above criticism. They have made many mistakes, but criticizing Israel is nothing like criticizing the people who are dedicated to killing Jews. Criticizing Hamas or Hazballah to the world goes into one ear and out the other. The world is so use to the in human acts of those who hate Israel that they accept them as normal. But let the Israel’i do anything that they judge as bad and you would think that Israel has started world war three. No domocracy can exsist without criticsem, but until the world treats Israel fairly, that criticsem should be private and between Jew or those who love the country. Those who criticize Israel publicly not only give those who are dedicated to destroying Israel the ammunition to use against Israel, it also gives them to use the writers name to confirm the made up lies they will use to make the story even worse.

    It is also known by those who read my articles that I am against negotiation. No one can tell me who Israel can nogociate a lasting peace with. Every terrorist group and every country that is trying to destroy Israel have broken every peace treaty it has made. The PA in the West Bank could not even stop Hamas from kickng them out of Gaza. When a child wants something he/she will kick and scream and yell and carry on until they get what the want. If the parents give in, they have learned that is the way to get what they want. If the parents do not give in the child learns a lesson that the way to get what they want only by cooperation. In the end peace will come by negotiation only after the terrorist understand it is more costly to continue to fight then it is to make peace.

    Un fortunately I do not believe that Israel can talk peace with the current leaders of those that are in charge of the Palestinins at this time. My hope is that the young Palestinians are too smart to give up there life for a bunch of murders sitting safely in a safe house.


    • IsraeliMom says:

      Budd, I think we do still disagree then. I don’t think my post is a variation of your call for people not to “write any kind of criticism of Israeli oublicly”, whether they are Jewish or not.

      And by the way, I don’t think being Jewish gives the criticism on Israel more or less validity. I see where you’re coming from, as I often see haters of Israel either brag about being Jewish, or jumping up and down with joy whenever they find a Jewish person who happens to agree with them.

  3. Ida says:

    I want YOU to be the prime minister of Israel! 😀

  4. IsraeliMom says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence 😉 I really don’t think I want to apply for the job! Definitely not until they come up with some very effective anti-migraine meds, because I have a feeling being the PM is one big headache!

  5. Lewis Redmond says:

    Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. There are a lot of people who think well of Israelis and who realize that they constitute a lone democracy in a sea of rule enforced by weapons. The current administration here in the U.S. is no friend of Israel, but a lot of the people are. I had the opportunity to see the IDF in action in Lebanon in 1982/83 during the USMC presence there, and I found them to be professional and more concerned about the well being of the local inhabitants than I was, by far. I just wouldn’t rely too heavily on the U.S. while Obama is President.