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Independence Day and Naqba Day Thoughts

Israeli Independence Day My apologies for another “heavy duty” post today. It’s sort of a “heavy” week here in Israel, with the Holocaust Memorial Day, followed a week later by the Memorial Day for the fallen soldiers and then, the very next … Continue reading

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Holocaust Day from the Perspective of a Sabra

Like many other Israelis, I try to stay away from the media on Yom Ha’Shoah – National Holocaust Day. I try very hard to avoid watching even a single documentary about the Holocaust. I’ve had enough and more then. I’m … Continue reading

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Regards from the Gulag

What? Haven’t you heard? Israel has turned into a police state. Censorship all over the place and people are afraid of talking about “the affair” lest they get thrown in jail. “The authorities” were considering renting out a Gulag in Siberia for … Continue reading

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Beeeeep One Two Beeeeep One Two Beeeeep

That’s the soundtrack here over the past few nights. Extremely accurate, a very loud beeping sound every three seconds. We’ve had guests over for the weekend who couldn’t sleep during the night because the sound was so loud by their … Continue reading

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