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How about an Alternative Passover tradition?

Passover, or Pessach in Hebrew, is upon us. The Eve of Passover, aka the Seder, is on Monday Evening. Passover Obsessions Going into town today, it was Passover frenzy all over the place: streets jammed with cars and people everywhere … Continue reading

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Don’t Sound the Alarm

In Israel, it just isn’t effective. A few weeks ago, we visited the Negev with the kids. On the way, we went through a kibbutz that theoretically is within kassam rocket range from Gaza. As we were sitting there, the … Continue reading

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The Scent of Passover

It’s two weeks away from Passover, or Pessach in Hebrew. For the past week, I can actually smell it in the air. It’s getting into the house too, but the worst (best?) is when you go outside and it hits … Continue reading

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Mass Nude Art in Israel?

Looks like Israel is about to join the list of places where American photographer Spencer Tunick has taken one of his mass nude photographs. You can see his previous work here. Personally, I find his pictures somewhat disturbing. In my … Continue reading

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Would You Try Human Milk Dairy Products?

It’s almost ten months now since we went vegan for ethical/moral reasons. Our choice has nothing to do with the concept of “animal rights” and everything to do with “animal welfare”. We refuse to cooperate with the appalling ways in which farm … Continue reading

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Ein Avdat National Park in Israel

Having posted my 100 Places to Visit in Israel page, I decided to follow it up with occasional “spotlight” posts, sharing some information about each place, personal impressions and pictures from our visits. I’ll start with one of the places we … Continue reading

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February 2010 Post Roundup

A short month has passed, but a month all the same and I like wrapping up my monthly blogging here. This is a good place for me to do my summation and hopefully entice some of my readers here to … Continue reading

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