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Purim Memories and Purim Pictures – Happy Purim!

It’s the Jewish holiday of Purim today. If you’re not familiar with Purim, here’s the full description in Wikipedia. Purim and Me Purim is the holiday of fun for the kids. Kids dress up, give and get packets of sweets. … Continue reading

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Do You Clean for the Cleaning Lady?

Or for the cleaning guy? I used to call it “the cleaner” in English and an American friend told me it sounds like a mafia hit man (or hit person?) Ok, enough of the political correctness stuff and on to … Continue reading

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Spring Pictures from Israel

I went for a stroll yesterday, then went right back home, grabbed my camera and went out again. It’s incredibly green outside. Just lush green, speckled with flowers. The air smells of flowers and greenery. The only problem is that … Continue reading

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Israel’s Hens Need Your Help Now

We need your help – whether you’re an Israeli or a supporter of Israel. Actually, even if you’re neither. If you just care about animal welfare, it’s all I am looking for today. The Problem: Israel About to Spend Half … Continue reading

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How to Get Things Done in Israel without Having a Nervous Breakdown

The Problem: Israeli Service Providers are Rude – or Are They? A while ago, I was part of a Twitter conversation which evolved (or devolved) into the usual ranting about the horrible service you get in Israel. The consensus seemed … Continue reading

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Be Prepared! Earthquake to Nuclear Bomb!

I always try to nap for a while after the kids get back from school, with varying degrees of success. I’ve developed some tactics for getting my nap time. Basically, you have to make sure the kids are well fed, … Continue reading

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Evil Israeli Food

Ok, maybe not evil, but definitely wicked. I bring you the infamous Israeli chocolate spread. And no, it is NOT Nutella. No nuts in this, just pure evil chocolaty paste: Pure calories – no nutritional value whatsoever. Let me share … Continue reading

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January 2010 Post Roundup

My previous end-of-month post roundups were a bit too long. Let’st ry making this one shorter. Cat Blogs and Posts I launched a brand new cat blog in 2010 and it’s actually a photoblog. If you want to enjoy beautiful … Continue reading

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