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This is Not Our Country

And no, it’s not the Palestinians’ country either. That we people, any people, own a country is a misconception. The places have been here long before we ever had any national identity. The landscape, the flora and fauna were here … Continue reading

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Driving in Israel

April 2009. Our first visit to the US and we’re driving through the streets of suburban Tuscon, Arizona. Morning time, almost no traffic, lanes so wide you’re not sure if you’re going forward or sideways, and our GPS is making … Continue reading

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The Israeli Home?

I think almost anyone living Israel knows Tnuva. Literally meaning produce, it’s the name of the largest and strongest marketing corporation for¬†agricultural¬†produce, specifically dairy products, eggs, and poultry. Tnuva’s well-known logo evolved with its cottage cheese: a pastoral home in … Continue reading

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Tornado in Israel?

Tornadoes are so rare in Israel most people don’t believe they exist here. In fact, they are so rare, your average Israeli doesn’t know the difference between a tornado and a hurricane and they two are almost synonyms here. So, … Continue reading

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December Post Roundup

That’s it! December has officially ended here. In fact an entire year, and an entire decade, are over as well, so let me start by wishing everyone all the best for 2010! I knew December would be difficult when it … Continue reading

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