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Good News This Morning

Maybe it’s me, but my eyes wandered off to some positive news on the web today. Figured I’d share some here. Trade between Israel, PA steadily rising – pretty impressive, in times of a global financial crisis. Good news for … Continue reading

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Apartheid Israel?

I’ve had this happen to me twice this week already. There I am tweeting away when someone addresses me in a nice polite tone with “don’t you feel bad living in an apartheid state?” I’ll try and address that here, … Continue reading

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My Hospitality Obsession

Hello. My name is IsraeliMom and I’m a hospitaliholic. Nothing to do with hospitals, mind, just with my tendency to invite people to come and stay with us. I am weird that way – I meet people online, via emails, … Continue reading

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Tweetup in Jerusalem

I’ve been trying to write this post for two weeks now… Not even sure why it’s taken me so long? First, for those who don’t know, Twitter is a social networking platform where you can sent out “tweets” – messages … Continue reading

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Israeli Music – Emily Karpel

Sometimes you like a song or an artist without quite knowing why. Well, this isn’t the case for me with this talented Israeli singer. It’s pure nostalgia, right back to those quality melodramatic songs of the 80’s. I just found … Continue reading

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The Weirdest Place to Find Kittens At

Had a lovely day out with the family yesterday, visiting the burial caves of Be’et She’arim. The caves were cool and inviting on a hot day. A bit spooky too – to the point that the kids wouldn’t go in … Continue reading

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The East Jerusalem House of Dispute Fiasco

I hear it’s all the rage on the news everywhere. Everywhere but in Israel, apparently. I asked around today and the Israelis I know could only say “yeah, wasn’t there something with a couple of houses in Jerusalem? no idea … Continue reading

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About the Tel Aviv Gay Shooting

I have no doubt that the GLBT community of Israel feels under attack today, as do many others who support their struggle for full equality all over Israel. It’s why I too am wearing a rainbow avatar on my Facebook … Continue reading

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