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Boys will be Boys

Sharing some pictures today. First, my boys showing their passion for babies in a recent family get-together. Both Ron and Dan simply adore babies. They really wanted a little brother or sister, but fortunately, my brother-in-law and his lovely wife … Continue reading

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How I Saw Michael Jackson in Person in the IDF

As the world mourns the death of Michael Jackson, I think this might be a good time to share my own personal encounter with the legendary pop idol. This surreal encounter took place in an IDF base, of all places. … Continue reading

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Summer Days at the Beach

We’re so luck to be living 10 minutes away from the beach (although that holds true for most of the Israeli population, spread along the coastal plains). Nothing like an evening spent at the Mediterranean seaside, warm with a nice … Continue reading

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Three Years without Contact

Gilad Shalit is a huge topic in Israel, and today we mark three years since he was taken hostage by Hamas. Now, I do realize we have thousands of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons, but there are some major … Continue reading

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Misperceptions and Misconceptions

One benefit of direct communication via the Internet is that you get to hear what people on the other side actually think. Feeding on your own side’s mainstream media sources hardly ever reflects that. Today, while tweeting with Sarah from … Continue reading

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My Twitter Diet

It’s high time for a diet here. I gained over 10 pounds during our vacation in the US. Blaming Masters Burt Baskin and Irve Robbins won’t help me lose them (although they are liable for at least a couple of … Continue reading

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Shiny New Browser

I’ve switched over to Google’s Chrome following what I’m sure was unbiased guidance from our friend who works for/at Google. It’s not even been a full day and I’m very happy with the change! I liked my Firefox alright, but … Continue reading

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Tails of the Gay Pride Parade

Not a typo, actually. We went to Tel Aviv this evening, but it was after the pride parade has pretty much run its course, so we just got to see a few “tails”. We actually ventured out to the local … Continue reading

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Cars and Driving in the US

Picking up on my list of differences between America and Israel. Last time I discussed roads infrastructure, so only makes sense to talk about the cars and the drivers today. So, yeah, everyone knows by now that American cars are … Continue reading

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More Pictures from Jerusalem

Continuing from my previous post, here are some more pictures from our Jerusalem adventure on Saturday. A five minutes bus journey brought us to our next stop, this time in the Old City itself: The Basilica of Dormitzion, where according … Continue reading

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