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Once Bitten…

Well, ok, twice bitten. And I’m not proud of it either. We took the kindergarten hamsters in for the weekend again. The black and white one, a furry little critter that seems to be begging for you to pick her … Continue reading

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Travel Plans Update

As some may recall, last year I got busy planning a big trip to the US in Spring 2009. Then, with the recession and some financial losses, we decided to cancel. Well, nothing like a war to get you in … Continue reading

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Is the War in Gaza Over?

So, Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire and Hamas grumbled along about halting their own activities for a week (why just a week, I wonder, but with these guys, even a week comes as a pleasant surprise). I really hope Hamas … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Outdoors

“Mommy, I think you have something in your hair.” Just when I thought my kids were the messiest eaters around:

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A Voice from Gaza

An online chat I had with my Palestinian former-friend and former-peace activist whom I met on a peace making board made me wonder though. This guy, who used to tell me how he is pro-peace and against Hamas, bought into … Continue reading

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My Hat is Off for Single Moms

I don’t know how you do this in the long run. These two and a half weeks with IsraeliDad away on his army duties are enough to show me just how hard it is. And I’m lucky enough to be … Continue reading

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Exotic Visitor Getting a Kiss

Not a word about the ongoing war in this post. Yesterday, literally out of the blue sky, a green feathered visitor landed on my brother-in-law and his wife’s porch. They live next-door to us, so my kids and myself were … Continue reading

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For Those Who Support Hamas

I know I just blogged about Lisa Goldman’s latest blog post, but I just had to relate to another aspect of her very long post here. Bouhamza mentioned in a comment here that he cannot condemn Hamas, because of all … Continue reading

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Guess What this Post is About – Gaza Again

Lisa Goldman wrote a great post about the situation here. Lisa is an Israeli who strongly opposes to the war. She mentioned many Israeli bloggers who share her views, and was kind enough (I think?)  to mention my blog, along … Continue reading

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How to End the War in Gaza

I’m writing this post, partly in response to some comments which I received. First, I wish to address the touching comments, some with links to horrendous videos depicting the plight of the people of Gaza. Not a day or an … Continue reading

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