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Why The War on Gaza

I’ve seen some posts on blogs and forums that continue to blame Israel for the current outbreak of violence (or let’s call it by the name the Israeli media uses: the Gaza War). I consider myself very left-wing when it … Continue reading

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Anxious Wife Day

IsraeliDad has been grabbed by the IDF for his reserve duties in this stupid war a couple of days ago. He’s out there, down in the south, and already had one rocket land a bit too close for my comfort. … Continue reading

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Gaza Woes

If you’re keeping up with the news, you know by now that this probably won’t be a short operation. Of course, a lot depends on factors outside of Israel’s control. For example, here’s a scenario for bringing a quick ending … Continue reading

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War Again

Sorry if this sounds too self-centered, but this really sucks. Right in the middle of the kids’ Hannuka Holiday? I absolutely hate those phone calls too. Sigh. Flashbacks to the Lebanon war of 2006. I sure do hope this one … Continue reading

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Hannuka Pictures and our Hannuka Guests

The week long holiday is upon us, so not a lot of time to post, but I did want to quickly share some Hannuka pictures from a couple of days ago, and pictures of our two little guests for the … Continue reading

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100 Things to Do

Daddy Dan inspired me to do this post with his own 100 things list here. Here is the list, shamelessly copied from Dan’s post (I did change the tense). I think it’s fun looking at a list made by another … Continue reading

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Happy Hannuka

We lit the first candle last night. Of course, we had to go searching for Hannuka candles in the evening, and the first four shops we tried simply ran out. Fortunately, the fifth still had a few packs and we … Continue reading

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The Wall Murals in Kibbutz Or Haner

In my post about our daytrip on Saturday, I mentioned the wonderful wall art we saw in Kibbutz Or Haner and said it deserves a separate post, so here goes. We had two local guides, Kibbutz members, who provided us … Continue reading

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So, Shifra Cornfeld (the Dead Friedmans) Won

The first season of Big Brother in Israel ended last night. This show was by far the most popular in Israel. Highest viewing rating on Israeli TV. Ever. In a sense, what made this show such a huge hit and … Continue reading

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Fun Daytrip – Visiting Kibbutzim near Gaza

Reading my title now, it does seem weird 😀 But I think I’ll leave it as it is. I just wasn’t sure how else to describe the location. “The South” doesn’t quite cut it, as technically, this is the center … Continue reading

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