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Back to Work Here

Surprisingly, I think I blogged more while the kids were on their school holiday… I hope I can keep it up – but no promises. I am back to working as much as I can during the day with lots … Continue reading

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Changing Themes

Please excuse this humble blog if you happen to see it changing colors and designs – I’m in the mood for a change, and switching blog themes is much cheaper than getting a new haircut, and let’s face it, it’s … Continue reading

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The “Israeli” Settlers and Israel

Online interactions concerning the politics of Israel and the Middle East are not easy for me. I find myself too often, trying to explain that there is a big difference between Israel and the views and actions of a particular … Continue reading

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A Little Woohoo

I did it – I ran six kilometeres this morning! Been trying for five for a long while now. Long meaning over a year. I kept reaching 4K and then something would happen, a mild injury or just getting a … Continue reading

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Visiting Acre (Akko) – More Pictures

This is going to be a bit of a funny post and I don’t mean haha funny. It’s about family, holidays, and traveling. But it’s also about politics. If you don’t feel like doing a lot of reading, just scroll … Continue reading

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Visiting the Hula Valley – Picture Heavy!

Warning – this post is going to be picture intensive! This being one of the longest school holidays in the calendar, and the weather being so cool and nice, Sukkot is a perfect time for traveling around Israel. Besides, we … Continue reading

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Visiting Grandpa or Dan’s Version of the Theory of Evolution

We went visiting my 96 years old Grandpa today. The boys are always thrilled about his age, and he challenged them with calculating it again, telling them he was born in 1912. Their first answer was that he was 1008 … Continue reading

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Happy Sukkot Everyone

One last holiday (well, almost) for this holiday season in Israel. After Rosh Hashana (New Year’s) and Yom Kippur, we bring you… Sukkot – the holiday that gives your kids another seven days off school! Our school decided to bridge … Continue reading

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The Secular Yom Kippur

We’ve had a very nice Yom Kippur. Totally secular and at home. Quite a few online friends have asked me about what we do during this particular holiday, so I figured I’d share here. This will not be an account … Continue reading

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Some Israeli Music in English

Listening to the radio, I realized some of the nicest songs recently are in English, or at least contain parts in English. I thought it might be nice to share them here. The first one is by a Jerusalem singer … Continue reading

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