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Reporting from Sick Bay

Well, so much for our plans for the last week of the summer vacation! One IsraeliDad down with a bad case of strep throat. One kid with an annoying wound on his leg that got a bit infected. It’s not … Continue reading

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Surviving the Summer Holiday

Just one more week to go before school begins! We have plans for the entire week, and I’m already tired, just thinking about those. For the kids, the highlight of the week, and of this summer apparently, is our planned … Continue reading

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The Wandering Israelis

It’s August, extremely hot, and yet we keep getting phone calls from people who want to vacation in Eilat. You see, our phone number is very similar to that of a popular youth hostel in Eilat, and we keep getting … Continue reading

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Summer Fruit of Israel

Full blown summer here these days. It’s humid more than hot, where we live and I can’t say I like it too much. One of the nice things about summer is the wonderful fruit. I took Ron out for a … Continue reading

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Summer Days in Israel

We’ve been forunate to have a rather cool week this week, actually. Looks like we’re back into the oven today – and about to spend the day outdoors too.This is what today is going to look like, probably: We’ll have … Continue reading

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