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Ceasefire with Gaza – Heading Where?

While the ceasefire still holds, technically, it’s not going too well. Gaza border crossings stay closed in light of rocket fire So, to sum this up: Israel doesn’t shoot. The Palestinians fire rockets, but it’s not Hamas doing it. So, … Continue reading

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Bye bye doggie

My DH just drove away with the cute little dog, to get her to the pound. She was here for 24 hours and we decided we can’t keep her with us any longer. Basically, we don’t want to adopt a … Continue reading

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Oops, I did it again

Every now and again, I shock my family with a stray animal that I get off the street and bring home. At least today it was a healthy medium size dog (past rescues included a huge and very sick dog, … Continue reading

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Weekend Evening at The Beach

Had such a lovely time last evening at the beach. I just have to post this short movie for our family to share. This is family time, so probably quite boring for everyone else – be warned!

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A Ceasefire Almost Here

Israel on Wednesday officially confirmed that an Egyptian-proposed ceasefire (tahadiyeh) with Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip will go into effect at 6 A.M. Thursday. There is a lot of controversy in Israel concerning the topic of a … Continue reading

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Establishing more Ties with the West Bank

Here’s an optimistic piece of local news – Programming for peace / Israeli hi-tech companies outsource to West Bank I think this is absolutely awesome. Finally, cooperation and in a field that does both sides good. I like the fact … Continue reading

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The American Dream

Well, it’s still a fantasy at this point, though growing more real as the days go by. Over the past couple of weeks, we’re getting serious about a trip to the US in 2009. I’ve never been to the US, … Continue reading

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Some words about Israel

A visitor to this blog left me a lovely comment, and while some of it was personal, she was kind enough to allow me to quote her questions and reply on the blog, so here goes, this is from Karen … Continue reading

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Happy Shavuot

It’s the Eve of Shavuot here, and we’ve done plenty of celebrating so far. Sharing some holiday pictures here today. Here’s our Ron, all dressed up and ready to go to kindergarten. Holding his “Tene” – basket with first produce … Continue reading

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Summer Celebrations – Wedding Pictures from Israel

Well, the ice coffee warning was right on time. Quite the heat wave yesterday, hot and humid outside (although I think it’s supposed to take a drastic change into hot and dry today – so far just cloudy). Evening time … Continue reading

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