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Setting the Middle East on Fire

It’s actually my own private family who’s trying to set the fire. So far without success I need a break from politics, all family now. I will say a few words on why, though. When I write this blog, I … Continue reading

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Negotiations with Syria – The Lebanese Aspect

I was talking on Skype to a Syrian student in Damascus a couple of years ago. It was fairly exciting (and I’m not even sure how legal, for either of us). We discussed current events in the Middle East, and … Continue reading

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In Defense of Olmert

Just read this post by Liza Rosenberg – The Little Ass that Could Eloquent as always, Liza expresses a common view in Israel these days: that the entire peace initiative vis-a-vis the Syrians is nothing more than a media spin … Continue reading

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Action Loaded Weekend

We’ve had the big Lag Ba’Omer bonfire night on Friday, which was a huge success. About 50 people all in all (well, half of them were kids), lots of food and conversation. My feet were killing me by the end … Continue reading

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At Last, Talks with Syria Again!

The news just broke out on the radio. It’s official now – Syria and Israel have been negotiating for three days now. The negotiations are facilitated by Turkey, bless them. I am pretty excited about this! I’ve been saying for … Continue reading

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Preparing for Lag Ba’Omer

We barely had a full normal week and wham, the next holiday is upon us! At least this one is a fun one, and celebrating it has turned into a small tradition in our family. Lag Ba’Omer is about some … Continue reading

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Israel’s 60th Independence Day – Some Pictures

It’s been almost two weeks by now, but better late than never! It’s not a whole lot of pictures anyway, but it does give me a chance to try out the new gallery plugin I installed I am still going … Continue reading

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New Home for the Israeli Mom Blog!

I’m so excited! Finally, moving my blog from the blogger free hosting service to my own domain and hosting – The thing I’m most thrilled with is having a shorter domain name. That thing was a bit cumbersome. … Continue reading

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