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I am Me and I’m Back

I haven’t posted in a few weeks and before resuming normal service, I want to explain why I was taking time off. It all started with the Gaza flotilla. People on Twitter began attacking me like I was the head … Continue reading

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Independence Day and Naqba Day Thoughts

Israeli¬†Independence¬†Day My apologies for another “heavy duty” post today. It’s sort of a “heavy” week here in Israel, with the Holocaust Memorial Day, followed a week later by the Memorial Day for the fallen soldiers and then, the very next … Continue reading

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Mass Nude Art in Israel?

Looks like Israel is about to join the list of places where American photographer Spencer Tunick has taken one of his mass nude photographs. You can see his previous work here. Personally, I find his pictures somewhat disturbing. In my … Continue reading

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Good News This Morning

Maybe it’s me, but my eyes wandered off to some positive news on the web today. Figured I’d share some here. Trade between Israel, PA steadily rising – pretty impressive, in times of a global financial crisis. Good news for … Continue reading

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Why I Still Think There Can Be Peace

It’s pretty bleak out there, politically, these days. I don’t recall the last time I talked to anyone, left or right, Jewish or Arab, who mentioned any light in the end of the tunnel. Pretty much everyone is busy with … Continue reading

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How to End the War in Gaza

I’m writing this post, partly in response to some comments which I received. First, I wish to address the touching comments, some with links to horrendous videos depicting the plight of the people of Gaza. Not a day or an … Continue reading

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Gaza & Israel: Myths and Debunkments

Mo-ha-med wrote two long interesting posts about “debunking Israeli arguments”. First part is here and the second part is here. There were so many things he’s written there that I see as wrong, I was all set and ready to … Continue reading

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Sane Voices in the Arab World

Interesting Views by Syrian head of opposition (in exile, of course!) He’s not the only one either. I know I have met my share of liberal, free thinking, left-winged Arabs and Muslims online and offline, who share my own distaste … Continue reading

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A Ceasefire Almost Here

Israel on Wednesday officially confirmed that an Egyptian-proposed ceasefire (tahadiyeh) with Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip will go into effect at 6 A.M. Thursday. There is a lot of controversy in Israel concerning the topic of a … Continue reading

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Negotiations with Syria – The Lebanese Aspect

I was talking on Skype to a Syrian student in Damascus a couple of years ago. It was fairly exciting (and I’m not even sure how legal, for either of us). We discussed current events in the Middle East, and … Continue reading

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