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Stop the Hatred – It’s Killing Us

Once again, I see the same dynamics in action. An Israeli posting something negative, but true, about Israel. It could be criticism of the government’s policies in the West Bank, about soldiers mistreating Palestinians at checkpoints, or about some cab … Continue reading

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Our Trip Plans – US West Coast 2011

First, a quick shout-out for two new hubs I created after writing my last post here about Israeli food. The first one is about the Story of Israeli Couscous and the second one is about what Hummus really should be, … Continue reading

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I am Me and I’m Back

I haven’t posted in a few weeks and before resuming normal service, I want to explain why I was taking time off. It all started with the Gaza flotilla. People on Twitter began attacking me like I was the head … Continue reading

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Using Public Transportation in Israel

I often get questions from people about traveling in Israel. A common question is about using public transportation, buses and trains while touring Israel. The answer, as always with this country, is complicated. Let’s start on a positive note: Yes, you … Continue reading

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Our Big American Road Trip

The decision has been made. The Universe willing, we’ll be going on a road trip in the US and Canada in the summer of 2011. I am working on a general plan these days, just to see that the idea … Continue reading

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Independence Day and Naqba Day Thoughts

Israeli Independence Day My apologies for another “heavy duty” post today. It’s sort of a “heavy” week here in Israel, with the Holocaust Memorial Day, followed a week later by the Memorial Day for the fallen soldiers and then, the very next … Continue reading

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Holocaust Day from the Perspective of a Sabra

Like many other Israelis, I try to stay away from the media on Yom Ha’Shoah – National Holocaust Day. I try very hard to avoid watching even a single documentary about the Holocaust. I’ve had enough and more then. I’m … Continue reading

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Beeeeep One Two Beeeeep One Two Beeeeep

That’s the soundtrack here over the past few nights. Extremely accurate, a very loud beeping sound every three seconds. We’ve had guests over for the weekend who couldn’t sleep during the night because the sound was so loud by their … Continue reading

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Don’t Sound the Alarm

In Israel, it just isn’t effective. A few weeks ago, we visited the Negev with the kids. On the way, we went through a kibbutz that theoretically is within kassam rocket range from Gaza. As we were sitting there, the … Continue reading

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The Scent of Passover

It’s two weeks away from Passover, or Pessach in Hebrew. For the past week, I can actually smell it in the air. It’s getting into the house too, but the worst (best?) is when you go outside and it hits … Continue reading

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