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I’m a mom. I’m an Israeli. I’m other things as well, and I guess my blogging nick could have clued you in on the first two 😉 I live with my dear husband, aka IsraeliDad, our two sons (aged 7 and 9) and our three cats in a small town in Israel. Over a decade ago, in my late twenties, I left the IDF (where I served as a Captain) to work from home, publishing websites. I blog about this and that, family matters, politics, life, whatever comes to mind, really. Thank you for visiting and please do leave a comment!

Fellow bloggers, let me know if you want to exchange blog posts or blogroll links! If your blog is about Israel, the Middle East or Parenthood, then maybe we can work something out.

Israeli Mom in the Media –

Article in the Washington Post

P.S. – if you’re looking for our America trip itinerary – here’s a link to the latest version.

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  1. KarenDesirePath says:

    Hi there! It is summer here in Atlanta, Georgia, USA where today I believe we broke a record (global warming!) at 96 degrees. Pretty cruel for newborn summer! We expect this in July/August. Iced coffee sounds good.

    I am in graduate school – finally, as my children are older – 16, 14, and 11, and I am studying world conflicts. I seek out real people living real lives in areas experiencing conflict. We Americans are so insularized from it, even if we know service people or families.

    I have a question for you. Can Jewish tradition exist without belief in Judaism? Are there vocal non-believers in Israel? What is the essence of Israel’s problem: in it’s region, and then in the larger world?

    I don’t have a blog so if you could respond privately via email I would be thrilled. I’m happy for you to post my questions on your blog as you like.

    I loved the pictures of the fruits and vegetables. We are just into the brocolli, cucumbers, and loads of lettuces. No tomatoes yet – the prize of summer. Blueberries soon though.

  2. Kevin Bailey says:

    Hello Isreali Mom, I read your blog with great interest. I am an American living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I had the wonderful pleasure of travelling to Israel back in 1986. What a wonderfully warm country towards Americans!!

    On my Israel trip, I enjoyed travelling to Eilat, Be’er sheva, Jerusalem, the Masada (Dead Sea), Tel Aviv, and the northern area of Israel near the Golan Heights (not sure which city).

    It’s been such a long time since I’ve visited there. I missed everyone I met and have lost touch with most everyone.

    Anyway, again I enjoyed reading your blog and will visit more often.

    – Kevin Bailey (kmbailey23342@yahoo.com)

  3. Moon Daisy says:

    Hello, I’ve just become your fan on HubPages (thank you for becoming mine!). I am also a stay-at-home mum and I have spent a lot of time in Israel over the years, so I was very excited to find your blog!

    It looks great, and I’m looking forward to reading more of it, as well as your hubs.


    Moon Daisys last blog post..Half-term already!

  4. carolyn may says:

    hi israeli mom, reading your blog gives me a good feeling inside. I first visited israel in 1977 when nuaba and sharmelshek and eilat (sorry about the spelling it was a long time ago) belonged to israel for a short time, and i fell in love – never seen scenery like it in my life…. since got married have 3 kids and 1 grandson, but managed to get back to israel acouple of years ago, when ahmadinajab was threatening to light up the sky over jerusalem, so i decided to add my support to the israeli people, sho in my opinion just do not deserve all the s… they have to put up with. I would love to come back again soon, i live in Jersey in the channel islands, a little island just tucked into the bay of st malo, in france… my very best regards to you and your family xxx

  5. Sima g says:

    Hello Israeli mom,I love your blog!
    Thank you,toda,for sharing this great post about Israel.
    I enjoy reading it so much?
    I you would love to add you to my blog too.let me know when you have a chance:-)


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